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Cannabis la 12 ani,Ecstasy la 13 ani-drumul nesupravegheat al unei eleve de scoala privata

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Growing up in a happy middle-class home in Surrey, Emily Hunter Gordon, now 25, had every advantage and everything to look forward to.

Her parents, although divorced, were loving and sent her to the best private schools they could afford, all while ensuring she never wanted for anything.

Yet by the age of 12, Hunter Gordon was a regular cannabis user and swiftly descended into drug addiction, first attending rehab at the age of 16.

Former addict: Emily Hunter Gordon, now 25, ended up on the streets after becoming a drug addict

Later, she became addicted to dangerous meow meow, a drug that has been linked to more than 200 British deaths, and stole from her mother in a bid to pay for drugs.

Now clean and mother to a two-year-old son, the 25-year-old says that while getting off drugs was hard, rebuilding her relationship with her mother has been even tougher.

‘My parents are separated but it was amicable,’ says Hunter Gordon of her ‘happy, middle class’ childhood.

‘They split up when I was two but there was never any fights. I’d see my father once or twice during the week and every other weekend. Life at home was fine. I knew I was loved and I knew I was cared for.’

But school was a very different story. ‘I never felt like I fitted in,’ she explains. ‘Back then, I really struggled to make friends.I was really lonely and felt like I was flitting from person to person.’

Aged eight, she fell victim to bullies who taunted her about her looks and left her feeling totally worthless.

Troubled: Emily began smoking weed at 12 and was 16 (pictured) when she first went to rehab

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EU says UK must dole out MORE benefits: Brussels takes legal action to force Britain to lift restrictions on migrants claiming handouts


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  • Britain could be forced to pay benefits to more migrants under EU plans 
  • European Commission taking legal action to stop restrictions on benefits
  • Comes days after David Cameron pledged to cut handouts to migrants
  • Figures show 24,000 families are currently claiming for children abroad

Britain will be forced to pay benefits to even more migrants under EU plans to be fought over in a politically explosive court case.

Officials in Brussels last night confirmed that the European Commission is taking legal action to make Britain lift existing restrictions that prevent some migrants claiming child benefit and child tax credit in the UK. The news comes just days after David Cameron pledged to cut handouts in a bid to reduce soaring immigration.

The case at Europe’s highest court will further anger the public and politicians who have called on the Government to tighten up Britain’s generous welfare system and make the country a less attractive destination for would-be immigrants.

If Britain loses, it will either have to change the law to allow jobless migrant families to claim child benefit, or face paying millions in fines.

Latest figures show 24,000 families are currently claiming child benefit of at least £89 a month for 38,500 children living abroad, at an estimated cost of £30 million a year, while 4,000 claim child tax credit.


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