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REALITATEA TV CONSTANTA. “I strongly believe in the touristic and business potential of the South Romanian Region.”

REALITATEA TV CONSTANTA fills in an empty TV niche market in the South Romanian Region: the News, Analysis and Business Information Television. “I believe in the strong touristic and business potential of the South Romanian Region and I know that at present the news and analysis were only covered by the general TV channels. However, there is an important need on the market for a dedicated News TV” (Mihai Craiu)

The TV Channel is equipped with the latest British technology and it’s is also the first local channel to produce its local TV Shows. The Media Sales is managed by Mihai Craiu through the business consultancy firm MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL and it’s estimated to 150 000 EUR per year.

REALITATEA TV CONSTANTA joins the other Media business lines launched by Mihai Craiu to enhance the holistic approach of MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL’s services: The Media Sales Department, the Social TV school (TvF), the Barters Bank (RMBD).

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During the challenging economic crisis years 2009 – 2010, Mihai Craiu has set-up Realitatea Media Barter Deals (RMBD) as the first Romanian Barters Bank in order to transform the financial crisis’s threats (lack of media investments) into a relevant opportunity (media barter) and make good use of the new market’s needs (media consumption with different, easier and more flexible payment options).

RMBD is managing investments for clients within the following areas: Auto, FMCG, Retail Banking, Insurance, Travel.

Since 2011, Mihai Craiu is also handling REALITATEA Group’s Media Sales operations.

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