Jurnalul National

Mihai Craiu headed Jurnalul National (2001 – 2008) as a General Manager. It has been his main challenge to make Jurnalul National (on the fifth position at the time) the Number One Romanian newspaper among the quality press.

“Jurnalul National was a heart ache, a back pain and a continuous challenge! Together with Marius Tuca, the Editorial Manager we wanted to make it the newspaper Romanians and their collective culture identify with. The most Influential, Trustworthy and Loved. We were permanently thinking how could we attract more readers while keeping our guiding values. In the summer of 2005, when SNA (The National Bureau of Readership Auditing) results clearly stated that we had reached 1 Million readers, we knew it was not ending at all: it was just another beginning of another heart each, another back pain. We knew we had now a bigger challenge: to permanently meet the expectation of that 1 Million readers and even always exceed them.” (Mihai Craiu)

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